This is the actual guy that will come into your home to do the repairs!! 
In this day and age letting a stranger come into your home, for any reason, can be a worrisome prospect.  For this reason we offer a little more information, in way of introduction to your serviceman.  Mason has never been arrested for anything and has no criminal record of any kind.  Furthermore, he has been vetted by the state to sell real estate and by his church to go into public schools to work with children.


I also try very hard to maintain my 5-star rating.  See below for a link to customer reviews.

I also have maintained an "A" rating from that I cannot link to.




Workman's Compensation Compliant

Mason grew up with a with an affinity for power tools.  From early on he took mechanical things apart just to see how they worked
At 13 his father put him to work as a laborer in the family hotel refurbishment operation.  This led to the new family business of sliding glass door repair as one has to get the door open if one is to get the sheet rock dust out.
From the age of 16 Mason was high atop hotels and condominiums on slim balconies repairing sliding glass doors.  At the age of 20 Ball opened his own door repair company in Jacksonville Florida.  At 25 Mason worked his way through college in Atlanta running his own door repair company.
Thirty years of door repair has allowed Mason to hone his skills and perfect the sliding glass door repair.  When this door repairman shows up he is not trying to figure out if and how to fix a door, he is figuring out how to fix the door in the most efficient manner possible.
Included in efficiency is fixing doors with an eye toward alleviating pesky warranty calls.  Yes Affordable sliding glass door repair does warranty it's work.
The upside in all of this experience is that Mason is able to keep prices competitive and still make a great living through efficiency and volume.
Most customers are amazed at how little wasted time and movement is demonstrated by having the right tools in the right place and the right parts on hand to eliminate second trips.
Finally, it will be Mason and a helper coming to your home to fix your door and not some recent labor pool graduate.

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