Arlington Door Repair
I scheduled my first appointment in the Arlington area of Jacksonville at a home for challenged people.  They had a door that fed from the dinning room to the side yard.  At this home much life was spent on their beautifully landscaped grounds.  This, being one of their main ingress and egress doors, it was imperative that it work. 

Initial inspection revealed that the door had been repaired before by another company.  This fact was made evident as a stainless steeel sliding glass door track cover was already installed.  It was also evident that I did not install the track as no adhesive was used to secure the track to the old door rail.  The track cover was still in good enough condition that pulling it up and replacing it seemed wasteful on my part.  So I simply crimped this track cover to fit a little more tightly on the old door rail.  

The door rollers were the real culprit.  Pulling them out I replaced them with a set with pressed in bearing races to ensure this door would slide for years.  I also installed a long rubber bumper on the back of the door to aleviate any roller bouncing when opening this door.  Slamming doors open sometimes causes them to bounce up and slam the roller aganist the track causing damage to both. A soft stop at the exact mid point of the door can extend roller and track life greatly.  

Door Repair Fleming Island
My second door repair on new years day was near Orange Park on Fleming Island.  

This gentleman had a door that closed off his garage from his laundry room.  This door handle was broken and just hung there.  I suspected the rollers were bad as most door handle breakage is due to excess pressure exerted on it due to an improperly operating sliding glass door.    

Closer investigation revealed the rollers just needed grease and the adjustment screws broken loose.  The door track was also pitted significantly.  This customers financial position was a little tight due to the holidays he could not afford fulll service.  But we were able to make some inexpensive repairs that made a big difference in the operation of this door.  
I was able to file his track down enough to smooth it out without needing to fully cap it. 

After reassembling the door and installing it, I adjusted it to shut and lock properly.  Finally, the handle was reinstalled using a couple of new screws. 
The end result was the door opening, shutting, and locking properly at a price this customer could afford.

Door Repair on Jacksonville's westside near Orange Park
A lady called in great distress.  She was house-sitting for a friend and taking care of the homeowner's dogs.  Apparently, in opening the sliding door to allow the dogs to do their business the frame came right off the side of the glass.  I was not able to get to ther that very day but I was able to get to her the next day. 

This home was out 103rd on the Bent Creek Golf Course.  The door was one of the new, heavy impact resistant types which made sense being on the golf course.  Apparently, someone had replace the rollers on this door previously as the roller was attached to the side rail and pulled completely out of the roller retaining frame.  This replacement roller was designed to be screwed in through the top of the roller.  The original equipment roller was designed to attach to the roller retaining frame via tabs that stuck of the the rollers and fit into grooves in the roller retaining frame.   So the problem was that someone used high quality rollers on this door, but
they were not designed for this application.
The poor house/dog sitter was left in a horrible position- repsponsible for the safety and security of anothers posessions and a door that would not shut or lock .   I was however able to use suction cups and get the door frames back on the raw glass and eliminate the severe danger of glass breakage.  Tempered glass is very easy to breack if nicked on the edges.  

I was able to remove both door panels in a safe manner.  The existing high quality rollers were then reengineered to fit this particular door.  After proper reassembly the doors were put back on their tracks where they belong.  I did have some problem getting the weatherstripping to cooperate and not cause friction problems on the track.  After much adoo, the weatherstripping was adjusted and this door slid very well.   The house/dog sitter was thrilled the door was put back together before she lost a dog or any contents of this home.  She even tipped me she was so happy this situation was righted before the home owners returned.  
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Orange Park Door Repair

Every week, I am in Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, and Fleming Island areas fixing doors.  Mostly I find Kinco doors in this area that are a joy for me to fix.

Just give me a call and I will plug you into the logistics machine. 

Jacksonville, Florida and it's surrounding areas is what I consider my main market. .

Jacksonville, Florida Door Repair(s)

Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas is my main market

Jacksonville Door Repair(s)

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Jacksonville Beach Door Repair

We started fixing a sliding glass door on a Condo in Jacksonville Beach.  This doors rollers were shot and the track needed capping. We wondered why the stationary door was caulked so drastically.  To our dismay we realized removing the old caulk from the door was a bad idea.  Somehow this triple paneled door was separating or spreading out. The result was the sliding panel would not touch the lock side of the jamb if the stationary door was pushed into it's proper place.  The customer did not want to spend the money on pulling all the framework or on replacing the unit so we did the best we could.  We made some adjustments and re-caulked the rest.  The door slid good but the amount of caulking we had to use on the stationary door was ugly.  

Fleming Island Door Repair

Our next job was in sliding Glass door repair in Fleming Island.  A gentleman had a rental house that is sister and niece lived in.  The door had not worked properly since he bought it.  No wonder the track was caked up with some horrible goop.  Even the receiving door groove of the jamb had stuff packed in.  The result was the door hitting at the bottom and the back roller bouncing up and slamming down the steel roller on the aluminum track.  This door got the works including a secondary locking device.  In the end the customer had us follow him to his personal home and install a Bar Lock as it is the best secondary locking device on the market.   

Orange Park Door Repair

Then we only had to drive to Orange Park to fix a sliding glass door there.  A gentleman there had already pulled his sliding glass door apart and tried to fix it.  We showed up and found a roller just loosely placed in the bottom roller retaining frame.  He had the wrong roller and was surprised that I actually removed the doors to make repairs.  This door needed the works too as the track was gouged out. 

Ponte Vedra Door Repair

We then had to drive back east to do our next door repair in Ponte Vedra- not my most efficient day logistically speaking.  This gentleman lived in St. Augustine but commuted to this lakeside home in Ponte Vedra.  His problem was that his door was too hard for his wife to operate due to some surgery she recently had.  This door needed the rollers replaced and track capped.  I also had to make quite a few small adjustments to get the door working just a little easier each time.  In the end she could operate the door with some effort- she was very weak.  I could have pulled the weather stripping off the bottom and got it working very easy, but hate sacrificing any R-value.     

My last stop was on the Northside of Jacksonville.  This elderly gentleman had a Kinco Door that needed repair.  Since Kinco was bought out and now out of business the homewoner did not know who to call.  I believe he found me in the Yellow Pages or YP as they call it now.  Back years ago, Kinco included my name on a list of vendors that repaired their doors.  As it turned out, the steel rollers on soft aluminum track finally wore each other out.  I had to replace the rollers and cap the track.  This door should last another 30 years, with quality rollers and stainless steel track. 

I am regularly scheduling appointments and fixing sliding glass doors in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Arlington, Mandarin, Orange Park, Middleburg, Fleming Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra, South Ponte Vedra, St. Johns, and Palm Valley.