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This is the door repairman's custom made sliding glass door repair workstation. 

Such solutions are how this 30 year veteran of sliding glass door repair has boosted his efficiency and makes a good living through volume. 

Daytona Beach Repair(s)

Most recently, I have been contracted by a hotel to come in and fix their doors.  These doors have a steel bar inserted in the frame at the back of the sliding panel that is crazy heavy.  I believe that bar is an inch thick and about 3 inches wide and the height of the sliding panel.  They should have put the steel, dimensional stability bar in the stationary door.  The result of the roughly doubling the weight of the sliding panel is a tremendous strain on the rollers and track as well as maintenance personnel. Being so problematic and heavy the maintenance department wisely chose to bring in an outside vendor.  

Their first vendor was recommended by one of the owners.  This person was paid to fix about half the doors.  Upon inspection it was found that he was not really fixing the doors at all.  Now they have to seek legal remedy to get money back that they probably will  not. 

I have now fixed about half of their doors.  They bring me in when occupancy is low and I fix doors there for a few days.  Which is great for me as my body really can only handle so much of those heavy doors at a time.

I am making regular trips down to fix sliding glass doors in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Ormond by the Sea, Flagler Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, and Ponce Inlet.    

I graduated from Seabreeze High School in 1988

It was in Daytona, high atop hotels and condos, on slim balconies that I was inducted into the sliding glass door repair niche.

My dad refurbished hotels and found that the sliding glass doors would not open to get the sheetrock dust out.  He said to himself, somebody should fix these things.  So he did and soon had a contract to fix doors on the Howard Johnson motor lodges in Florida.  

We opened a shop in Daytona Beach where I learned to fix many diverse sliding glass door problems.  

In 1990 I opened my own door repair company in Jacksonville, Florida.  Then I went to college and worked my way through fixing doors in Atlanta.  

A long and winding road has led me back my original door repair fields. 

Now I wonder why I ever left or tried to get out of this field.   As it turns out, I love this niche and am very skilled at it. 

Be aware that I am not set up to handle emergency calls.  If you give me a few days I can schedule you in and get there to fix your door.  The good news, is that all I do is sliding glass door repair.  So all I stock is sliding glass door parts.  This way I usually can fix most any door in one trip.  I can usually fix a door faster and with less customer down time, than the other guys, because of my honed operation.